Our involvement in the communities we serve takes many shapes and forms - from staff volunteering to teaching First Graders about smart money decisions to donating funds for downtown storefront renovation projects. We are also proud of the accomplishments of our United Community Bank Staff. Find out more by clicking on different UCB News & Information updates below. Check back regularly to see what's new at United Community Bank. 


 UCB Donates Funds for the Osceola Outdoor Aquatic Center / May, 2017 / Read More

 UCB Welcomes Marilyn L. Cravens to Board of Directors / February, 2017 / Read More

 Milford 125 Year Celebration Rock Concert Announced / January, 2017 / Read More 


United Community Bank IRA Newsletter / December, 2016 / Read More

 SHAZAM® BOLT$T  Debit Card Security Service from United Community Bank / September, 2016 / Read More

 UCB Donates Funds for New Scoreboard at Ocheyedan Softball Field / May, 2016 / Read More

 Kami Eilers Earns Certificate From IBA Consumer Credit School / April, 2016 / Read More

 UCB Businesses Guide - Meet UCB Business Team / March, 2016 / Read More 

 Milford Downtown Storefront Renovation Near Completion / February, 2016 / Read More 


 UCB Website Will Soon Have a New Look / July, 2015 / Read More 

 Jessica Paterson Earns Certificate From IBA Consumer Credit School / April, 2015 / Read More

  Retirement of Long-Time UCB Chairman of the Board, James W. Cravens / February, 2015 / Read More


 Tim Gunderson Awarded Diploma from Graduate School of Banking / December, 2014 / Read More

 UCB Milford Office Remodeling Project & New Drive-Up Complete / November, 2014 / Read More 

 UCB Sponsors Flag Pole at DIckinson County Freedom Rock / Lake Park Veterans Memorial / January, 2014 / Read More


 UCB Publication / Making Communities Great / June, 2013 / Read More

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